Air Freight

Due  to  the  sensitivity  and  time  pressures  involved  in  airfreight,  A.K.W Inter Freight develops  comprehensive  airfreight  service  plans  tailored  to  meet  our  customers’  specific requirements.  This  is  accomplished  by  learning  our  customers’  exact  objectives  with regards to their internal and external requirements.   Sensitive and valuable goods are often subject  to extreme  time pressures and deadlines for everyone involved. Therefore, our airfreight department develops a customized service plan  for  each  customer,  and  then  implements  our  required  Operational  Handling Procedure to ensure high quality service.We have direct contracts and agreements with key world carriers who provide us with additional safety guarantees for your cargoes and suitable delivery patterns from any airport of the world to any point of destination at a reasonable price. 
Thanks to the unique network of reliable partners and representative offices we can render service of highest quality. We offer each client several alternatives based on their requirements and help them to choose the most suitable for each case.